boDig is an Istanbul based arts initiative focusing mainly on the issues of the body in contemporary and digital culture. Its artistic understanding has a multidisciplinary scope, bringing a variety of fields together, like dance, performance, plastic arts, design, architecture, new media, engineering and medicine, in order to bring forth a reflection and artistic creation around the issues of the body in its contemporary and technological context.

Bodig simply means body in Old English. The name also refers to the body digital. As the name implies boDig has a special focus on digital performance due to its practitioner members. However, boDig's concern is not just producing works with digital media, but also to bring a critical approach to the body in its contemporary conditions, and the "digital" being only one of them.

Corporeality, Expression, Aesthetics, Politics, Structure, Process, Memory, Spatiality, System, Interaction, Movement are some of the terms within boDig's areas of interest.

What is boDig?
boDig is a variety of things around the concept of boDig:
a platform for multidisciplinary artistic creation;
a platform for reflection and discussion, for critical thinking and writing;
a platform for collaboration on international level;
a platform for the promotion of works through festival and exhibition organization;
a platform for networking and exchange of knowledge;
a platform for transmitting knowledge and experience through workshops.

What are boDig's working areas?
Organizing regular meetings for reflection;
Organizing workshops;
Creating and promoting artistic projects;
Organizing festivals and exhibitions;
Networking and developing collaborative projects.










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